2021 Virtual Meeting

The International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias (ICFTD) is now well recognized as the primary venue for the synthesis, exchange, and dissemination of research evidence related to FTD, where experts from diverse backgrounds share recent discoveries, insights, and opinions. This allows novel hypotheses to be generated, research collaborations to be established, consensuses to be developed, training opportunities to be explored, and knowledge to be translated across disciplines.

The caregiver session provides a unique opportunity for new scientific knowledge to be shared directly with stakeholders (patients, families, caregivers, community organizations, and health care policy makers) and, of equal importance, allows these stakeholders a rare opportunity to provide direct feedback to the medical and scientific community. By holding the caregiver session concurrently at the same venue as the scientific conference, the public is able to interact directly with the experts and become engaged in the process of knowledge translation.